Others Products and Services

We are specialized in the prototype and development process of all types of automotive products that our customers demand from us, by giving and setting the high standard with a strict quality control and reliability.

The offered services are:


Handmade - Titanium Exhaust Pipes

Handmade - Gas Welding Oxyacetylene Exhaust Pipes

Handmade – TIC welding Exhaust Pipe


Aluminum Welding

Titanium Welding

Stainless Steel Welding


Moto2 Tubular frame

4 Strokes Muffler

4 Strokes Collector


Small and medium series to third parties

Development and manufacturing of Exhaust pipes, Mufflers for the third parties according to their custom specifications.

Development and manufacturing of Tubular frame and support frame according to their required specifications.


Rapid prototyping:

We offer rapid prototyping services to our clients for the development of their escapes.